I am currently open for faceup commissions. I can do any size doll. I also offer body blushing services (including fantasy parts), and minor additive mods like elf ears. 


Faceups – $65 base price. More complicated or detailed faceups will cost more. 

Hand or feet blushing – $25

Full Body Blushing – varies depending on size

Elf ear modifications – $35

Feel free to message me through email or Instagram to get a personalized quote. After the commission is started I will create a digital mock-up of the plan for your faceup to make sure we’re both on the same page. If you have specific references you’d like me to use to create the mock-up that’s great. I can also do artist choice faceups where give me a general theme, like natural, glam, fantasy, goth etc., and a general color palate and I can design a faceup for you. Artist choice faceups still come with a mock-up as I want to make sure you’re happy with the design before I put it on your doll.